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Market, M&A and Strategic Research

Neumacher Research supports your team with a wide range of research activities so you can free up time for things that matter. We collaborate with strategic consultancies, financial investors, start-ups and corporates, providing in-depth insights along the entire value chain and across all relevant stakeholder groups.


Neumacher Research provides services in four different areas.

Market Expert Interview Campaigns

We identify relevant market experts across all stakeholder groups and along the entire value chain and conduct comprehensive interviews to get you the information you need. All this is done in an ethical manner and without disclosing information about our client or the target.

High-level Commercial Due Diligence

We conduct high-level commercial due diligence by reviewing target companies, assessing its market position and potential, identifying relevant competitors and mapping the customer landscape. We also offer our strong start-up expertise and our extensive network in the European tech scene.

Market Expert Matching

To get a comprehensive understanding of your target and the overall market environment, you depend on reliable information from market experts. We identify relevant experts and coordinate joint work sessions.

Target Screening

We screen the entire competitor universe and review adjacent markets to identify potential add-on targets that suit your buy-and-built strategy.

What our customers say

We outsourced significant CDD-related research to Neumacher Research and received key findings over night.

Senior Consultant, Strategic Consultancy

Neumacher Research originated from the German start-up scene and was founded in 2019 in Berlin. Flourishing in a vibrant environment surrounded by young companies and successful unicorns, Neumacher Research initially focused on delivering high-quality research to seed and venture capital investors. By now, the company is comprised of a broad team of experienced researchers covering various industries, regions, and languages.
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